January 24, 2008

JBB Fantastic Fan Interview With Kathleen!

January 24th, 2008

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a JBB Fantastic Fan interview–so, we’re excited to present our first interview for 2008 (and our 29th of the series) with Kathleen! Kathleen fills us in on how she became hooked on Jersey Boys; what keeps her coming back to experience the show; her favorite scene, line, and musical number, and more!

JBB: Tell us about yourself.

Kathleen: I just turned the big 2-1 in December and I’m currently a junior at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana (aka the middle of nowhere). I’m a Business and Non-Profit Management major and possibly minoring in Theatre Arts. I spent last semester studying in Sydney, Australia which was an amazing experience! I live in Brooklyn, NY and if you can’t find me there, I’m probably in the theatre district. I am also a huge Yankees fan–although since “discovering” Broadway, that obsession has been pushed to the back burner.

JBB: When did you first hear about Jersey Boys, and how did you become interested in the show?

Kathleen: Honestly, the first time I had even heard about Jersey Boys was during their performance at the Tony awards–yeah I was really out of the Broadway loop. The Color Purple was the only Best Musical nominated show I had seen that year, so I was crossing everything that it would win so initially, I was a little bit disappointed that it didn’t win. But then, I finally saw Jersey Boys and though I liked TCP, I fell in love with Jersey Boys and saw why it won. I missed the introduction to the Tony performance so when John Lloyd Young started “Can’t Take My Eyes off of You.” My initial reaction was what show is this? and then I was hooked after the last cord of “Who Loves You.” A couple of weeks later, my Dad came into our apartment and said, ‘Have you heard about this show? You have to see it!’ My reaction was pretty much, ‘Yeah, I’m on it!’ I watched the Last-Minute Ticket Availability page on Broadway.com religiously and I was finally able to get a ticket and the rest is history!

JBB: How many times have you seen Jersey Boys, and what was your reaction the first time you saw the show?

Kathleen: I’ve seen the show 17 times. The first time I saw the show I was in awe. Everyone on that stage was just incredible. I really had no idea what to expect from the show and knew nothing about the cast. I really liked the documentary style feel of the show and that it gave me a background about a group I knew next to nothing about. Rick Elice and Marshall Brickman did an incredible job with the book and of course, the music is amazing.

JBB: What keeps bringing you back to the show & what makes you feel so connected to Jersey Boys?

Kathleen: I can’t really single out one particular thing that keeps me coming back. Though now, I especially think the cast changes play a part in it–I love seeing different actors’ takes on the roles, though I miss those that leave. It really is just an incredible show! I think the rags-to riches story is a universal one that some people who see the show can definitely relate to, plus the music is great!

JBB: Have you met any of the JB cast members?

Kathleen: I’ve met most of the cast members at the stage door after almost every performance that I have seen. I can’t say enough nice things about these cast members–they are all so kind to me.

JBB: What’s your favorite Jersey Boys scene?

Kathleen: Oh, wow–that is a really tough question. I think my favorite scene would have to be the build-up to “Can’t Take my Eyes Off You.” I love when the orchestra starts playing the first few bars because I love how audiences react to that moment. I also really like the little moment when Frankie and Bob smile at each other when the horn section is playing.

JBB: What about your favorite musical number in Jersey Boys?

Kathleen: If I had to choose just one it would be “Who Loves You.” Every time I see the show I’m still amazed at that last cord–I can’t even put into words the feeling that I get hearing it live.

JBB: Do you have a favorite line from the show?

Kathleen: “That’s why I’m still out there singing like that bunny on TV with the battery I just keep going and going and going. Chasing the music—trying to get home.”

JBB: Prior to seeing Jersey Boys, were you familiar with the Four Seasons’ music? If so, do you have a favorite 4 Seasons’ song?

Kathleen: Well of course I had heard of the “Big 4″ in the show (for me at least)– “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Walk like a Man,” and “Oh What a Night.” My favorite being “Oh What a Night”. The first time I heard it I was in the car with my babysitter when I was maybe 9 or 10, (I don’t quite remember how old I was), and I fell in love with it–such a catchy, up-beat song.

JBB: Anything else you’d like to share about Jersey Boys?

Kathleen: Jersey Boys was the show that really for the first time made me go ‘Wow, that’s what I want to be doing.’ Not the acting aspect (I can’t act my way out of paper bag) but I would love to work in the theatre industry doing something—haven’t quite figured out what yet. I now go to see shows whenever I can which has been such a fulfilling part of my life and I owe it all to Jersey Boys. I also really value the relationships I have formed with other fans through the JBB Forum and the SRO and student rush (when it still existed) lines.

Thank you so much to Kathleen for sharing her joy and love of Jersey Boys with us! If you would like to be featured in a JBB Fantastic Fan Interview, we’d love to hear from you! Please click on the Contact Page and send us your contact information.

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  1. Great story, Kathleen, and I so enjoyed meeting you on that blustery day last December. Like the fact that you’re involved in “not-for-profit” stuff….but your description also fits a few of my accounting clients who are involuntarily “non-profit”. We’re buds too in that you have the Yanks on the back burner, as I’m more a Met fan.

    I admire that you’re setting a goal of doing something with the theatre at such a young age…I’m finally doing some stuff in my 50′s that I’d thought about for so many years. Just proves we can never be too old–or too young–to set goals for ourselves.

    So glad to be able to comment on this fine blog and to have connected with you last December and occasionally on the Bulletin Board. Best of luck.

    Comment by Howard Tucker — January 25, 2008 @ 5:54 pm

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