January 12, 2012

Jersey Boys 2nd Natl Tour’s Nick Massi–Brandon Andrus Is Counting His Blessings

January 12th, 2012

Terrific interview with JB 2nd national tour’s “Nick Massi,” Brandon Andrus by Michael Woody. Check out a preview:

To be starring in the national tour of ‘Jersey Boys’ is extra rewarding for Brandon Andrus as two years ago the future of his voice was uncertain. His journey towards center stage is as inspiring as the story told in the hit musical, which follows the rise of the Four Seasons. The critically acclaimed ‘Jersey Boys’ will appear at the Schuster Center on January 17 through February 5.

After developing a nodule in one of his vocal cords, a benign growth, Andrus feared he may never sing again. Surgery restored Andrus’s voice and from the ordeal he gained a deeper appreciation of life’s pleasures. A sentiment spoken by his character, Nick Massi, captures the new found outlook. “He says, ‘Stop & smell the roses. You earned it.’ That’s what I’ve been trying to do and not stress out so much,” said Andrus.

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