October 8, 2015

Jersey Boys Natl Tour Plays Atlanta through Sunday 10/11; Check Out Preview of Bob Gaudio’s Interview with @AJC!

October 8th, 2015

Bob Gaudio
Bob Gaudio (Photo Credit: J.T. Macmillan Photography)

The JERSEY BOYS national tour has returned to Atlanta’s Fox Theatre this week and AJC’s Melissa Ruggieri has a terrific interview with musical genius Bob Gaudio! Below is a sneak peek:

Q: So how many times have you seen “Jersey Boys”?

A: I would say I’m probably at the top of the list of the people who have seen it. I ran into a couple of people who saw it 100 times but I surpass that. A lot of it is just fun, but sometimes it’s to keep an eye on the production.

Q: Can you believe it’s almost been a decade since the show debuted?

A: No, I can’t! November 6th is the 10th year anniversary, and I’m still here and Frankie is still here and he’s out there performing and he’s 80s-something. He was here (in Nashville) and we hung out together and I’m hobbling to get up the stairs and he’s running up there. I’m gonna find out what he’s taking!

Click HERE to read the rest of the Q&A.

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  1. Bob,
    My husband and I were with Frankie at the Borgata in Atlantic City this pass sunday with music being his love and so much engergy has he, the crowd still going wild!
    Robby Robinson with his added talent and so organized with all band members, four back-up singers how could you not love! what you do. Great! show as always.
    I can’t believe it is the 10th anniversary on Broadway. Happy 10th and many many more.

    You had an idea once seeing Mama Mia about putting a play out there of The 4 Seasons, taking time and selecting who would be a part of the making of this
    fabulous play it is another dream come true for you,Frankie, the original group and all the folks that love “The 4 Seasons”- “Jersey Boys”. I know its my favorite. I wonder why? My dad is smiling down from heaven and is so proud i know.

    Not only as a young kid i thought “The 4 Seasons” was the best name of a singing group and the best performing music,show,group out there.(still do) as you were on the plane and thinking of a name for the play and coming up with “Jersey Boys” well you sure hit it out of the park again this time.

    You are a true genius, Again I send Special Thanks and Blessings giving Us All such wonderful hits and most of all “The Jersey Boys”. You and Frankie made this happen,along with all who were a part of and selected for such a project.
    Your the Best!!!
    Lots of Love, Patti :) xoxo


    Comment by Patti Massi-Candeliere — October 16, 2015 @ 10:22 am

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