April 13, 2016

Jersey Boys Natl Tour Wows Washington Crowd on Its Return!

April 13th, 2016
JB Natl Tour Four Seasons (Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel)

JB Natl Tour Four Seasons (Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel)

The third time is definitely a charm for the JB national tour! Check out rave reviews all over the DC area!

MDtheatreguide.com: Lucky for Washington, D.C. theater goers, the “boys” are back in town for a third visit. Previously, the First National Tour had successful runs in the nation’s capital in 2009 and 2011. This time around, the Second National Tour comes with a new cast and the same tight, fast-paced production, chock-full of showstoppers that still bring the audience to its feet… It is the story, the music and multi-talented cast and crew that buoys the production to great heights. There is no doubt that the appeal – and run – of Jersey Boys will continue to endure and leave audiences singing in aisles as they leave the theater.

Curtainup.com: The performances by Drew Seeley as Bob Gaudio, Keith Hines as Nick Massi, and Matthew Dailey as Tommy DeVito, are all good but it is Aaron De Jesus’ Frankie Valli that stuns the audience. His voice, like Valli’s, is extraordinary, ranging — I am guessing here — four octaves to a really high falsetto. His acrobatic dance tricks in the second act come as a surprise and his rendition of “Fallen Angel” brought on some tears and an ovation that stopped the show.

DCTheatreScene.com: It’s a show, ostensibly, for everyone with music that was, ostensibly, for everyone. And yet somehow you walk out thinking that it was tailor made just for you. That maybe you’re the “you” that Frankie sings so much about. When the universal blurs into the personal, something magical can happen. As magical as four kids from Jersey finding that perfect sound under a streetlamp all those years ago.u

DCOutlook.com: Looking back, I’m rather amazed I liked loved it so much. After all, it has a lot of music (30+ songs) and it’s pretty long (over 2½ hours with an 18-minute intermission.) Perhaps I’m getting soft/softer in my old age? Or maybe I really am a Jersey Boy at heart. “Two cars, three girls and four guys. Infinite possibilities.” Infinite indeed.

Check out another fantastic review on KStreetMagazine.com!

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