July 26, 2007

Jersey Boys Wow! Union Square!

July 26th, 2007

JBB is excited to present coverage of yesterday’s Jersey Boys Union Square event by Special Correspondent Lauren Avila!

On Wednesday afternoon, San Francisco experienced a sample of our wonderful Jersey Boys cast! The result was one that could easily be predicted for a show about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Many people showed their support, almost all of whom were over thirty years old. The Boys came early for a quick set-up and sound check. Don Bleu from Star 101.3 hosted the event by promoting the show and introducing the Boys. Jarrod Spector swept everyone off their feet with a mesmerizing rendition of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.”

The crowd heard from the new “Nick Massi,” Michael Ingersoll. Don Bleu asked him, “What happens when Frankie Valli and some of the other Fours Seasons come to watch the show?” Michael said,

Well in the very beginning when we were rehearsing [Bob] Gaudio himself was there for three weeks. He was there for some of our previews, he was there for opening week and he was helping us mix the show. He was very, very involved. And the guys tend to come on opening night. Tommy was there. Frankie was there. Nicki would’ve been if he could’ve been. I’m sure he’s looking down from above. Bob Crewe was there, so it’s really great to be supported by the guys. Their presence basically makes us feel like we’re helping their work continue to live. They’re always very complimentary, very supportive. It’s not like you’re not a little bit nervous. [laughter] But it’s really a pleasure to have them there and to honor their legacy.

Don Bleu also briefly mentioned the Jersey Girls with a comment, saying “Jersey Boys will be Jersey Boys.” The Boys’ reaction was picture perfect! (see slideshow.)

The guys pleased the crowd with an exciting performance of “Oh, What A Night.” Drew Gehling started the song, followed by Michael Ingersoll, Jeremy Kushnier, and Jarrod Spector.

Truthfully, their Meet & Greet was at first uncontrolled chaos. It goes without saying that the show is a popular success! Dozens of people lined up for a chance to meet the cast and to seek their autographs. It seems that the group has already bonded together with the induction of Michael Ingersoll into the SF/Chicago Company.

To conclude, yet another public event has been well-accomplished by Drew Gehling, Michael Ingersoll, Jeremy Kushnier, and Jarrod Spector. The Jersey Boys had to rush to the Curran Theatre for their matinee after this event. Judging from this particular audience, the Boys be playing to sold out crowds for the rest of their stay here.

Thanks to JBB for another chance to represent! Special thanks to Larry Baker and the Jersey Boys for everything!


  1. Great post! I cannot wait to see JB in San Fran with my new friend, Mike Magbaleta on August 16. Jarrod Spector looks a little like JLY. Anyone else think so? Ie

    Comment by irene eizen — July 26, 2007 @ 4:37 pm

  2. Irene, I agree with you. He looks alot like JLY! They also have something else in common. They both went to Ivy League schools. JLY attended Brown University and Jarrod attended Princeton University.

    Comment by Beverley Micciche — July 26, 2007 @ 5:02 pm

  3. I hope to see the show again very soon! This cast is really amazing. Maybe I’ll get tickets the same day you and Mike go, Irene. I’ve met Mike, he’s a great guy! He’s been really nice and very helpful to my sister and I.

    Comment by Lauren — July 26, 2007 @ 5:37 pm

  4. When I first saw him, I thought Jarrod looked like he could be JLY’s little brother. ;)

    Comment by Leanna — July 26, 2007 @ 5:50 pm

  5. It’s great to see Jarrod and Michael reunited on the same stage again! Who would have thought that a simple cast change would bring back SF’s original “Nick Massi”! I know he did a great job with the 1st tour in LA, and know he will definitely do great with the 2nd tour.

    Since the Jersey Boys community is more like a family, I’m sure Michael had known the other cast members from auditions back east, so his transition was seamless.

    Irene, that’s why I always seem to compare Jarrod to both JLY and Frankie Valli. Jarrod is a great person, especially when he sees my twin sons. It’s great seeing him recognize them and chatting with them when he has free time before or after the shows. Of course, when I e-mail Chris Jones and John Lloyd Young, I never mention any of the comparisions because I know that every actor has their own style and they would not have been picked for the leading role if they were not good enough…..

    All “Frankies” and their alternates/understudies are excellent in their own right and we’re lucky to watch them perform!

    Comment by Mike B. Magbaleta — July 26, 2007 @ 5:52 pm

  6. The more the merrier! It would be great to have more Jersey Boys Blog “Fantastic Fans” on deck to support the cast and make the photo shoot at the stage door a very memorable one!

    The date is Thursday, August 16th, and the place will be the Curran Theatre, SF!

    It will be an excellent chance for the East Coast fans to watch the National Tour just like Howard Tucker did in Los Angeles! Just a few short weeks to go!

    Comment by Mike B. Magbaleta — July 26, 2007 @ 6:52 pm

  7. Hi, Mike,

    My daughter, Jennifer, has all eight tickets. I believe they are close to the stage and there are two groups of four. So Buz and I will sit with your wife and you (although you and I MUST sit next to each other, obviously) and my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids will sit together.

    My MISSION is now to see the tour in as many places as possible when convenient. I will be in Orlando in February so hope to see the Tampa performance. Do you know which cast will be in Tampa?


    Comment by irene eizen — July 26, 2007 @ 10:05 pm

  8. The Chicago cast is staying in Chicago, so the Sherry cast will be in Tampa.

    Comment by Leanna — July 26, 2007 @ 11:30 pm

  9. I totally agree with you!

    I’ve seen the Broadway cast twice and just saw the SF one a couple of weeks ago. When I saw Jarrod, he instantly reminded me of JLY. They even have the same mannerisms!

    I mentioned the resemblance to him when I met him at the stage door and he said JLY is a great guy and has been a big help to him (aw, that’s sweet!).

    I got to see Steve Gouveia on his last performance as Nick in SF which was cool since I saw him in NY. And then he told me that the LA group will be the ones that comes to Sacramento where I live for that tour. Cool!

    I’m happy to have the opportunity to see the Broadway cast and the 1st two National Tour casts…It’s been fun to see the different groups and they are all fantastic in their own special way.

    Comment by Dina — July 27, 2007 @ 1:42 pm

  10. Hi Mike,
    You mentioned e-mailing JLY – I know he prefers snail mail, but do you have his current e-mail address. I had it at one time, but not anymore. Enjoyed the pictures of your twin boys!

    Comment by Jan Haas — July 27, 2007 @ 4:29 pm

  11. Hi Mike,
    It’s me again. Re: JLY’s e-mail- After thinking about it, I’m sure you don’t want to put it on the blog because I know JLY only wants snail mail, not e-mails so as Gilda Radner used to say “never mind”! I have never e-mailed JLY and didn’t plan to now-I just wanted the address to go with all my others!

    Comment by Jan Haas — July 28, 2007 @ 4:46 pm

  12. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for the kind words about my sons! We’re blessed to see that they have a love of theatre like all of us here, especially for the Jersey Boys.

    Just wanted to also let you know that I don’t have the e-mail address either….. It was in my past jobs’ e-mail server, of which I totally forgot to copy my “frequently contacted” addresses from before I left….. I guess that’s fate, because it seems that snailmail works better when corresponding with the Broadway Cast…..

    Best regards,

    Comment by Mike B. Magbaleta — July 29, 2007 @ 3:28 pm

  13. Can someone tell me which one is the “Sherry” National Tour cast. Is that the one with Christopher Kale Jones as FV??

    Comment by Lee — July 29, 2007 @ 6:09 pm

  14. Yep, that’s the Sherry tour. The other doesn’t have a name from the show — it’s just the “Chicago” cast.

    Comment by Leanna — July 29, 2007 @ 7:39 pm

  15. Gosh, Jarrod and JLY are mirror images of each other. As I’m writing, The Twilight Zone theme is playing in my head. Hey, come to think of it, imagine either JLY or Jarrod with a cigarette–don’t they both resemble a young Rod Serling?

    Comment by Howard Tucker — July 29, 2007 @ 9:12 pm

  16. The Sherry cast has Christopher Kale Jones as Frankie.

    Comment by Mike — July 29, 2007 @ 9:59 pm

  17. I thought the rumored name of the 2nd national tour was the “Marianne” cast. I know no one calls them that but I read that somewhere.

    I loved getting that picture of Jarrod finishing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” because it was really cool to see the resemblance to JLY. Both men are very talented, good-looking, and great guys individually. The mere thought of their being similiar is nice to think about…

    Comment by Lauren — July 30, 2007 @ 10:50 am

  18. Lauren, I thought the 2nd tour was the “Walk Like a Man” tour. If it were the “Marianne” tour, how would Ronnie, Marlena, Dawn, Connie-O, Emily, and the Girl Who Came Running feel about being passed over??

    Comment by Howard Tucker — July 31, 2007 @ 10:53 pm

  19. The duffel bags say “Chicago Zephyr,” so I guess that’s the name of the tour. Kind of unfair that they don’t get a name from the show, though!

    Comment by Leanna — July 31, 2007 @ 11:49 pm

  20. If “Chicago Zephyr” is the official name of the tour, I wonder why it was chosen. Usually shows with multiple touring companies name them after something related to the show, and I don’t see it. I know the Zephyr is a train that runs between Chicago and SF. Maybe the cast will do shows between the cities, they’re being called the SF/Chicago cast on the site, and just switch every few months. Of course I’m kidding.

    Comment by Mike — August 1, 2007 @ 3:28 am

  21. I only identify them as either the 1st or 2nd Nat’l Tour Casts on the JB Blog. Not to be too formal, but just to give other posters true identification of whichever cast I’m talking about when discussing news.

    I really never knew each cast had a “pet or nickname”….. We all love them and I think it’s pretty cool identifying them by the Four Season’s songs!

    Comment by Mike B. Magbaleta — August 1, 2007 @ 2:13 pm

  22. All shows that have multiple tours have nicknames — they’re used for bookkeeping, accounting, mail and such, which keeps things much less confusing. The Les Miz tours were Valjean, Fantine, and Marius tours. The Lion King tours are Gazelle and Cheetah.

    Comment by Leanna — August 1, 2007 @ 6:45 pm

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