August 30, 2012

Jersey Boys 1st Natl Tour Heads to Vancouver; Check Out Interview with Bob Gaudio in Vancouver Sun!

August 30th, 2012

The JERSEY BOYS first national tour plays Queen Elizabeth Theatre from September 5-23! Check out a sneak peek of Bob Gaudio’s insightful interview with Liz Nicholls:

“For 50 years now, Frankie and I have been joined at the hip musically. That story had a freshness, a uniqueness, to it. We approached it that way. If you hate the music, you still can relate.” For the hardscrabble Jersey kids, “there were three ways out,” says Gaudio. “We found one. There are people who survive that world, and people who don’t. Who’s doing time, and so forth? Who’s still doing time?

“Yup, we came from nowhere, and everyone likes an underdog story. … It scared me a little bit when we opened in New York. After all, we’d taken it to the heart of Beach Boy territory to try it out; we couldn’t go anywhere but up,” he laughs. “But New York is scary. After all, they grew up with us.”

Visit to read the entire interview.

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