December 14, 2011

Tis the Season: Season’s Greetings: A Jersey Boys Christmas, Part Two!

December 14th, 2011

Let’s continue with some Jersey-style joy as we highlight four more fabulous tracks from Season’s Greetings: A Jersey Boys Christmas album!

Before we get started, just wanted to give a shout-out to the three extraordinarily talented background vocalists who were handpicked for this project–Erik Bates, Michael Ingersoll, and Kristofer McNeeley! Back in his JBB Exclusive Interview, musical director & arranger Ron Melrose said, “I’m telling you–if you ever need a trio, these guys are the ones for the job!” Again, Ron wasn’t exaggerating!

Stunning Silver Bells/Silent Night: It’s a well-known fact for anyone who has ever seen Travis Cloer as “Frankie” or at one of his many concerts, or has even listened to his solo recordings (such as “Setting the Standard” or “Christmas From the City”) that Travis can take any hit and make it into a brand new experience! Could that happen with two holiday classics? It could happen; it did happen! Check out the fun side effects of bells, city sounds, trolley horns–and those vocals! It’s like we’re transported back to The Four Seasons’ early days–under the streetlamp (decorated with holly, some snow flurries in the air, and matching scarves, if I’m directing this!). And, check out the awesome four-part harmony from Erik, Michael, and Kristofer! Then, with “Silent Night,” I swear–it’s like we’re at Midnight Mass back in the day!

I’m Dreaming of A Doo-Wop White Christmas: Do yourself a favor this week at the office! Before that next meeting, jump to track #11 and escape into one of the most joyous street corner serenades that will take you back to the Drifters’ era of Doo-Wop! Along with Ryan Molloy’s fantastic vocals, there’s also a super special treat: JB Chicago’s “Nick Massi,” Michael Ingersoll gets some time “up front” as a sensational soloist! And the trio? A Doo-Wop lover’s dream come true!

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Down Under: How can you not put this one on repeat? First, there’s the beat; followed by the magic from my favorite trio; Bobby Fox’s awesome vocals that definitely bring us “tidings of comfort and joy”; and–of course, the “Who Loves You” surprise!

A Jersey Choir–A King Is Born: While all of the other tracks were holiday classics on the JB recording, “A King Is Born” was a favorite of musical director and arranger Ron Melrose from his days leading a gospel choir. How versatile are these vocalists? It’s like listening to a large gospel choir that has been practicing since Labor Day for their Christmas morning service as they sing, “Humbly come and humbly bow…” And, Jarrod Spector joins in with his phenomenal lead vocals–”Halle hallelujah” is an understatement! If I may quote Barry Belson, “What can I say–I love this record!”

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