July 11, 2010

An Amazing Musical Afternoon–Kristofer McNeeley’s ‘Holding The Space’ at the Liberace Museum!

July 11th, 2010

JERSEY Boys Vegas cast member Kristofer McNeeley’s concert, “Holding The Space” debuted at The Liberace Museum on June 27. This venue is the perfect intimate setting for an afternoon of original ballads, classic love songs, and almost meditative melodies for the audience to sit back and enjoy!

Kristofer, who is performing at the museum this summer while his wife Ali Spuck is on maternity leave from her weekly show, “Here I Am,” treated the audience to a wide array of musical numbers, including two beautiful originals and some of the most memorable ballads from composers over the last three decades who have inspired him as artist, including John Denver, Billy Joel, Elton John, and Burt Bacharach.

Joined by pianist Dave Haertel, Kristofer not only sang his heart out, but also played guitar and shared stories of the music and the joys of being a new father to Emerson Lila, who was in the audience with her mom!

Although many of the numbers, including “Annie’s Song,” “Any Day Now, “Hallelujah,” “She’s Always A Woman,” and “What A Wonderful World” were classics, Kristofer’s tremendous renditions made these songs completely fresh again. Along with the classics, Kristofer’s originals, “Dreamer” and “Baby Mine,” which was dedicated to his wife and daughter, were absolutely stunning, both in their lyrics and the vocals!

In his interview before the show, Kristofer said that he was hoping to “create a space for the audience to just chill out and be still for a bit.” “Holding The Space” did just that! It was an afternoon where I can honestly say I not only “chilled out” with the music, but at the same time, was blown away by Kristofer McNeeley’s performance!

Kristofer will be presenting “Holding the Space” every Sunday at 2:30 PM this summer at the Cabaret Showroom at The Liberace Museum. For tickets, call 702-798-5595.

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