February 5, 2011

Baltimore Loves the ‘Boys’!

February 5th, 2011

Jersey Boys LogoTim Smith of the Baltimore Sun states that the JERSEY BOYS national tour production “reaches Baltimore in fresh form.” Here’s a preview:

Joseph Leo Bwarie creates a three-dimensional Valli in deft strokes. You sense easily the eager kid at the start, the determined, talented and flawed grown-up later on. Bwarie can sing, too. He negotiates Valli’s trademark falsetto without tonal edginess, and when he slips into normal register, he croons very engagingly. His account of “My Eyes Adored You” is a standout.

As Tommy DeVito would be the first to tell you, there would be no Frankie, no Seasons without him. There almost was no Frankie, no Seasons with him, too. The de factor bad guy in the plot, DeVito gives the show quite a charming rascal, a role that Matt Bailey tackles with terrific swagger and great timing.

Quinn Vanantwerp might not look much like an Italian kid from Jersey, but he gives a winning performance as Bob Gaudio, the songwriting force behind so many hits. Steve Gouveia is remarkably adept at fleshing out the role of Nick Massi, the fastidious, withdrawn one in the group who eventually faces the question of what to do “if there’s four guys, and you’re Ringo.”

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