January 26, 2016

Check Out Fab Interview with @DrewSeeley on PopWrapped.com!

January 26th, 2016
Keith Hines, Aaron De Jesus, Drew Seeley, and Matthew Dailey (Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel)

Keith Hines, Aaron De Jesus, Drew Seeley, and Matthew Dailey (Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel)

PopWrapped.com has a marvelous Q&A with JERSEY BOYS national tour’s Bob Gaudio–Drew Seeley!

Check out a snapshot below:
PopWrapped: Tell us about Jersey Boys and your role in it.
Drew Seeley: I play Bob Gaudio, who was the principal songwriter for the Four Seasons and the last member to join. I auditioned for the show in California, LA and didn’t hear anything for a year and, then, got a call out of the blue saying “Hey, come to New York for a call back!” So I did that and, then, they said they wanted me on board. I think all the guys involved went through the usual channels. You have to audition and sometimes it takes eight call-backs — and sometimes it’s faster. It’s a really great group that we got together, and we’re excited to come to San Francisco. It’s the first I’ve spent a long amount of time there. It’ll be a lot of fun.

PW: Tell us a little bit about how got started acting and about both your theatre background and your Disney background.
DS: I got involved in theatre when I was 11. I answered an open call in Toronto where I lived and was cast in Showboat and did that show for a year while I was in middle school. That’s kind of where I “caught the bug” if you will. I’ve been going ever since then. I lived in Orlando for ten years, and went to high school and college there. Actually, while I was there, I was not involved with Disney at all, though a lot of my friends were. Then, I moved to California in 2004 and basically got involved with Disney when High School Musical came out in 2006. I did some singing and co-writing some of the music. They’ve been really great to me since then and offered me a lot of stuff. I’ve done soundtracks and released a lot of music for some of their films. I did Disney’s The Little Mermaid on Broadway in 2010, which was also the last time I spent some time on a professional stage. So that was a good experience.

Click HERE to read the entire Q&A with Drew Seeley!

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