April 18, 2008

Christopher Kale Jones’ Connection to St. Louis

April 18th, 2008

Corey Stulce of TheTelegraph.com has a fun interview with Christopher Kale Jones, as the Jersey Boys national tour heads to St. Louis, a city that’s been lucky for Jones. Turns out Jones was committed to play Doodie in Stages St. Louis’ production of “Grease” when the auditions for “Boys” were being held. Luckily for Jones, he got called later and discovered the production’s Valli was not yet found. Additionally, Chris met his wife, actress Jenna Coker-Jones while in St. Louis!

Chis also shares his thoughts on playing the legendary Frankie Valli on stage ant eh music of The Four Seasons:

Frankie Valli himself has a vested interest in the success of the show, and Jones said he has offered notes on the actors’ performances that have taken on the singer on stage.

“It’s his music, after all, and he wants it done a certain way,” Jones said. “It’s definitely been great that he has been so kind and gracious.”

Jones said even he was surprised at how many recognizable songs are part of “Jersey Boys.”

“They did that one, too? It can’t be. They had so many hits!” he laughed, recalling the first time he saw the musical. Jones said the live show is a testament to the groups’ staying power.

“It’s remarkable for any group, and they just happened to be one of those groups a little under the radar. They didn’t have the prestige of the Rolling Stones or the Beatles,” he said. “It’s history to see it come full circle now.”

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