August 21, 2010

Dancap President Aubrey Dan Says Farewell to Jersey Boys TO!

August 21st, 2010

Jersey Boys Logo Jersey Boys has been a smash hit musical ever since it opened on Broadway in 2006. Critically acclaimed and warmly received by the public, the show now has productions running in many different cities, including a very successful and wonderfully talented Canadian Cast. The Toronto Production comes to a close this Sunday August 22nd, 2010 after two years at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. In honor of the show’s closing BWW is taking a look back at some of the unique and fun events the Toronto Production has done during its run, and also sat down to talk with Dancap President Aubrey Dan about saying goodbye to the show, and about what comes next:

Q: After 2 Years in Toronto, how do you plan on saying goodbye to Jersey Boys?

Aubrey Dan: Well, for the public we have been saying goodbye for awhile now. Our advertisements for the last little while have been thanking the public for their support and for coming out to see the show. And as a formal goodbye we will have a goodbye tombstone created for the Toronto Production.

For the cast and company we plan on having a great party! That’s the best way to say goodbye really, we will all have a fun celebration as a way of saying thank you.

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