June 19, 2008

Four Seasons Street Naming Ceremony, June 25!

June 19th, 2008

Four Seasons Street Naming Banner

By Audrey Rockman
In less than week, there will be the long awaited Street Naming in honor of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame group, The Four Seasons on Wednesday, June 25 at 1:30 in Union, NJ. The event will be held at Costco’s on West Chestnut Street, the site of the Bowling Lanes where the group got its name- as depicted in the Tony Award winning hit, Jersey Boys.

“It’s a sign” you’ll see! The ONLY known photo of the Four Seasons’ sign and building from the photo archives of Walt Gollender on the podium that day! For details about “Four Seasons Lane” or the ceremony, call James Petrecca at Yesterday’s Treasures 908-416-5519 or Walt Gollender at 973-868-1995.

The legendary musical group, The Four Seasons began almost 50 years ago on the streets of New Jersey. From 1956 to 1960, the Four Seasons performed in neighborhood clubs, persevering under different names like The Four Lovers, Frankie Valley and the Travelers, Frankie Valle and the Romans, The Village Voices, & Billy Dixon and The Topics.

Their luck turned however in 1961, when they were turned away by the Four Seasons Bowling Lounge, but decided to take a ‘memento’ with them. According to Bob Gaudio, “We figured we’ll come out of this with something. So we took the name of the bowling alley. It was called the Four Seasons.”

The Four Seasons partnership, sealed with only a handshake between Valli and Gaudio, exists to this day. The partnership’s most recent project is the newly released CD entitled “Jersey Babys,” with sometimes relaxing, sometimes toe tapping instrumental arrangements of many Four Seasons’ classics. Danielle Gaudio-Lalehzar, Executive Producer of “Jersey Babys,” will be at the street naming. Stay tuned for more news of this event and others who will be attending.

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