December 11, 2010

Frankie Camp: A Weeklong Cross Between a Jersey Boys Rehearsal & a Survivor Episode

December 11th, 2010

Jersey Boys LogoReporter Joel Brown states, “A good Frankie Valli is hard to find.”

In today’s article in, Brown interviews production supervisor Richard Hester, assistant choreographer Danny Austin, and the JERSEY BOYS national tour’s Frankie Valli, Joseph Leo Bwarie about the demands of the role, along with details about “Frankie Camp,” which is described as “a weeklong cross between a Jersey Boys’ rehearsal and an episode of Survivor.” Here’s a preview:

Actors hoping to be cast as Valli in “Jersey Boys,’’ which returns to Boston Dec. 16-Jan. 30 at the Colonial Theatre, must measure themselves against a daunting checklist.

“One of the things we found when we started to put together the show was that it was extraordinarily difficult to find guys with the skill set needed to play that part,’’ production supervisor Richard Hester says.

“They had to be under 5-foot-9. They had to look, I wouldn’t say Italian, but at least vaguely Mediterranean, and they had to be able to sing strongly up in their falsetto, which a lot of people don’t get called upon to do very much,’’ Hester says. “On top of everything else, these guys have to be able to act, and they have to be able to dance. So what we need is almost impossible to find.’’

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