August 17, 2012

Friday Flashback: ‘Who Loves You’ By The Four Seasons!

August 17th, 2012

Never, ever will I forget hearing “Who Loves You” on the radio that first time in August, 1975! The first time I head “that sound” and everything dropped away…that was the best!

Truth is, I heard it on the “Midnight Special” the month before it hit the airwaves, but still, that first time the deejay said, “Folks, The Four Seasons are BACK!” was pretty phenomenal!

What about the first time you heard “Who Loves You” on the radio?

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  1. I first heard it on The Midnight Special also. I thought somebody forgot to turn the potentiometer up at the beginning. Only later did I realize that it was supposed to fade in like that. Processing at most radio stations amplifies the softer passages and attenuates that louder passages. It’s called “compression”, but it’s different than data compression like on mp3 files.

    Anyway, if you didn’t have the record, you didn’t know about the fade in, because you probably didn’t hear the fade in on the radio due to compression.

    I didn’t hear it on the radio until about the beginning of September. It first debuted on Adult Contemporary, softer rock stations that had been Top 40 in the 1960s. Only when Rick Sklar and other PDs decided it was a hit much, much later, did you hear it on Top 40 radio stations in bigger markets.

    Comment by Ted Hammond — August 20, 2012 @ 12:30 am

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