October 12, 2012

How Would You Like These Speakers in Your Class? Jersey Boys Entrepreneurial History, According to Rick Elice, Bob Gaudio, and Ed Strong!

October 12th, 2012

Elizabeth Baker of The Daily Tar Heel provides coverage some special guests at University of North Carolina’s “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” class: JERSEY BOYS producer Ed Strong, original member of The Four Seasons, Bob Gaudio, and Rick Elice, JB co-writer! Could you imagine being a student in this classroom?! Here’s a sneak peek of the feature:

Strong, Gaudio and Elice were invited to speak to the students about the ways “Jersey Boys” was an innovative idea and about the perseverance it required to get the show on stage.

“The ‘Jersey Boys’ entrepreneurial history really begins with the idea,” Story said.

Elice said the idea was passed over for a long time and no one completely understood what set the idea for “Jersey Boys” apart. He said he was even skeptical at first.

“Why didn’t I know (the songs) were all from the same group? It was because they’d never been written about,” Elice said.

The story of The Four Seasons band had never been told — and that void is where “Jersey Boys” stood poised to be innovative in its field.

“(People) know the songs, but they don’t know there’s a great story behind the songs,” Elice said.

The men elaborated on the innovation of combining The Four Seasons lyrics with original dialogue from the show.

Click HERE to read the full feature story.

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