June 22, 2010

JB Toronto’s Matinee Frankie Valli–Adrian Marchuk!

June 22nd, 2010

Andrian Marchuk

Theatre Critic Richard Ouzounian has a fabulous feature on Adrian Marchuk, JERSEY BOYS Toronto’s alternate Frankie Valli, who will be honoring the show’s one millionth customer at this Wednesday’s matinee! Here’s a preview to the story:

Marchuk is the Frankie Valli “alternate,” a very careful distinction that separates him from Aaron McKenzie and Bryan Hindle, who are both understudies for the Valli role.

When he’s not playing Frankie, Marchuk isn’t in the chorus, or covering other parts in the large, hard-working cast. He’s waiting behind the curtain, ready to step in if the primary Valli actor, Jeff Madden, gets sick or injured and isn’t able to go onstage to look angelic and hurt in equal measure and sing as though liquid sunlight were pouring out of his mouth.

Not every show’s leads have alternates. There have always been understudies, who — according to legend — are always waiting for the person they’re covering to get sick so they can get a break at stardom.

Marchuk’s performance is a bit more Jersey street kid than Madden’s, a bit tougher around the edges. But, in the end, they both break your hearts at the same moments in the script.

“It’s great writing,” says Marchuk with enthusiasm, “that’s why we never get tired of doing it. It may be a showbiz story, but real people are telling it and that’s why the audience loves it so much.”

Visit TheStar.com to read the full feature on Adrian.

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