March 24, 2013

Jersey Boys 2nd Natl Tour Is a Hit in Houston!

March 24th, 2013

Check out excerpts from the marvelous reviews of the JB 2nd national tour company’s production in Houston! The guys who form the original Four Seasons are exquisitely portrayed by four amazingly fine performers: Jason Kappus as Bob Gaudio, Brad Weinstock as the one and only Frankie Valli, Brandon Andrus as Nick Massi, and Colby Foytik as Tommy DeVito.

Scenic design by Klara Zieglerova is a multilevel industrial masterpiece that encompasses a wide variety of looks and effects as the story unfolds. Giant cartoon-like colorful backdrops make interesting statements above and behind the action.

Costume design by Jess Goldstein beautifully captures the many looks and textures of the period.

Lighting design by Howell Binkley is fantastic.

Sound design by Steve Canyon Kennedy is clear and crisp.

Choreography by Sergio Trujillo is enthralling and inviting.

Run to get you tickets to the slickest, most entertaining concert musical of the season

Everett Evans, Brad Weinstock imbues Valli with youthful eagerness – raw, energetic and ambitious. In later scenes, he’s more chastened but still conveying his excitement at performing, and he wields the requisite stratospheric falsetto in signature numbers.

Colby Foytik is tough and streetwise as troublesome Tommy DeVito – the Season with the extensive criminal record and a knack for getting indebted to mobsters. He delivers his lines in sarcastic deadpan, ever resentful at not getting his due for setting their career in motion.

Jason Kappus strikes the right contrast as the straight-arrow songwriter-keyboardist Bob Gaudio, the comparative innocent among this crew, gradually learning to stand up for himself.

Brandon Andrus aptly underplays the quiet, responsible, taken-for-granted Nick Massi. He rises nicely to Massi’s explosion of pent-up disgust at a decade of having to room with the slovenly DeVito.

In key supporting roles, Barry Anderson quips slyly as fey manager Bob Crewe, and Thomas Fiscella is quietly ominous as a gangland type.

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