January 6, 2013

Jersey Boys 2nd Natl Tour Plays New Orleans 1/8-27; Preview of NOLA.com Interview with Colby Foytik!

January 6th, 2013

JB 2nd natl tour
Jersey Boys 2nd national tour Four Seasons: Jason Kappus (Bob Gaudio), Colby Foytik (Tommy DeVito), Brad Weinstock (Frankie Valli), and Brandon Andrus (Nick Massi)

The JERSEY BOYS second national tour company will be playing New Orleans at the Mahalia Jackson Theater from Jan. 8-27 and Andrew Adler has a terrific interview about the show with Colby Fotik, who plays Tommy DeVito. Below is a preview:

“Tommy was an Italian-American from the wrong side of the tracks in the New Jersey,” Foytik says. “What is important to remember is that these are real people. As actors we are doing our best to tell the story to our best of our ability every night. I had the opportunity to meet Tommy in Vegas. He still (in his 80s) had that fire and gusto. In a rehearsal in New York, the company got a surprise visit from Frankie Valli – he walked around and shook every hand. That was a pretty intense moment.”

Prepping to go out on tour (the production coming to the Mahalia Jackson is one of two now crisscrossing the country), Foytik and his fellow actors indulged in a bit of modern Method research.

“We did actually go to the Belmont Tavern (in Belleville, N.J.), where Tommy and Frankie used to perform. It was amazing to walk in there and have this amazing meal and meet the owner who knew all these guys.”

Visit NOLA.com to read the entire interview.

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