June 25, 2008

Jersey Boys–A Smash Musical for Guys, Too!

June 25th, 2008

Keith A. Joseph of the Cleveland Free Times states that Jersey Boys in Cleveland is a “retro smash” and notes that this hit has tapped into a new market: the brand of macho males who are far more at home with a Bud at a sports bar than with a daiquiri on a mezzanine. In fact, the testosterone level so permeated the road show’s opening night at the State that a genuine fist fight – epithets included – broke out at intermission. That’s something a bit less likely to occur at a performance of Hello, Dolly!

According to Joseph, there are many reasons for this macho infusion. First, there’s the Mamma Mia factor. Audiences automatically grow misty-eyed, clap, dance and hyperventilate when confronted by the melodies of their proms and first lays. Additionally, the book grasps the Scorsese template of a young innocent corrupted by success, in which the main character finds male camaraderie with other musicians, discovers his sound, temporarily loses his way, and is ultimately redeemed. And, director Des McAnuff infuses the evening with a cinematic drive. Thus, when the group finally finds their unique voice in a superb recreation of “Sherry,” it becomes as triumphant a moment as the big boxing match in Raging Bull.

Read the full review in FreeTimes.com.

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