March 7, 2006

Jersey Boys Blog Fan Gallery Explodes With New Photos

March 7th, 2006

Thanks to exceptional fan participation, the Fan Photo Gallery continued to grow with phenomenal new photos over the last week. Special thanks goes out to “Dan Reichard’s Biggest Fans.”

Speaking of which, the gallery could use some authentic talent participation. A few minutes in the morning with your Cup O’ Joe and the memories of another fantastic production still fresh in your mind, could bring countless hours of enjoyment to endearing fans that just saw the show and are telling their friends at the office, or perhaps it’s an out of town fan that that just hasn’t gotten the chance to make it to NYC, but longs to see the show, or perhaps its the budding new talent that sings into the hair brush before they have to go to school, dreaming of becoming a Broadway star. Heavy sigh. Anyhow…you get the point. Fans will love it and love you for it, if you just take the time, or command someone else, to upload some pics.

In other tech-related news, we have added a chart from Technorati and one from The Technorati chart shows how many times “jersey boys” is mentioned within the blogosphere and the TrendMapper chart shows how many references to “jersey boys” have been indexed within the search engines–it’s in the millions! These two new additions are in the right hand column of the blog, or you can use the links above to see how popular “Jersey Boys” grows every day.

Enough tech talk: Let’s recap. Go see Jersey Boys. Take lots of pictures. Upload photos. Tell others to upload photos. Bug stars to upload photos. View the gallery with friends and family and send e-cards from the Fan Photo Gallery that was installed by the tech half of Jersey Boys Blog. Don’t forget to vote in the poll and post comments. Oh yeah, please upload more photos. Until next week, continue to “walk like a man”…

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