October 15, 2008

Jersey Boys Chicago First Year Anniversary Video!

October 15th, 2008

Visit ABC7 Chicago to watch the Jersey Boys interview with cast members Drew Gehling, Cory Grant, Michael Ingersoll, and Ryan Quinn West who are celebrating their first anniversary in Chicago this week!

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  1. Hi I live in Leeds in the North of England in th UK. Last Saturday my wife and I saw the Jersey Boys at Prince Edward Theatre in London. Travelling down from Leeds we had a fantastic day in London, weather, journey, (England football (soccer) team beat Kazakhstan as well) and all topped by the most fantastic musical I have ever seen. We left the theatre vowing to see the show again, something I have never done after seeing a musical show.
    I can remember clearly as a kid just turning sixteen, leaving school, in 1962 hearing Sherry for the first time and being completely blown away. This began a lifelong love of the Four Seasons, when most of my friends went the Beatles and Stones route (which I also did), but I also stayed loyal to all things in music from America from the 1950’s onwards, 1962 was to mind far and away the best year for pop music. Everlys, Elvis, Carol King, Del Shannon, etc etc. Having bought all the Seasons records (and latter-day CD’s) the show was a godsend and anyone attending the show and failing to be ‘moved’ have no soul.

    Congratulations to the performers and production teams on a superb show and who brought the Sixties world memories flooding back. The majority of the audience were my age (60 somethings…..) but there were still a few young ‘uns in amongst.

    Can you tell me if there are plans to tour the UK with the show?

    Comment by Mike Ware — October 27, 2008 @ 7:28 am

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