July 28, 2008

Jersey Boys Chicago Remains Smokeless

July 28th, 2008

According to Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times, it looks like the Jersey Boys will have to stay off the smokes for quite a while.

Here’s the scoop: A City Council committee today deferred action on a plan by downtown Alderman Brendan Reilly to exempt live theater from Chicago’s smoking ban. Reilly asked for the delay to mesh the city ordinance with a proposed state law and to consider altering it to include herbal cigarettes instead of real ones. That change will not be enough to appease critics.

Aldermen Robert Fioretti and Ed Smith objected strongly to making any exception for live theater, rejecting Reilly’s claim that cutting out smoking was “bordering on censorship.”

Alderman Isaac Carothers was willing to accept a switch to herbal cigarettes, adding, “If a person made a play about Al Capone, I don’t think you would suggest that they use real bullets in the gun. My point is you don’t necessarily have to use real cigarettes.”


  1. A MEN! they are herbal cigarettes,and everyone knows that!

    Comment by Kathy J — July 28, 2008 @ 10:22 pm

  2. *crosses arms angrily* hmph! :(

    Comment by Beth L. — July 28, 2008 @ 11:31 pm

  3. The show is just different without the smoking. Something just doesn’t make the show…authentic without it. :(

    Comment by Ally — July 29, 2008 @ 10:12 am

  4. Well at least the photo accompanying the article has the right castmembers.

    Comment by stubbleyou — July 29, 2008 @ 10:41 am

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