March 10, 2012

Jersey Boys First Natl Tour Ends Run In Charlotte This Weekend; Check Out A Preview of Preston Truman Boyd’s Interview!

March 10th, 2012

JB 1st natl tour
JB first natl tour ends its run in Charlotte, N.C. this weekend. Pictured (left to right) are Preston Truman Boyd, Joseph Leo Bwarie, John Gardiner, and Michael Lomenda. Photo: Joan Marcus

Jeremy Jones has a fun interview with JERSEY BOYS first national tour’s Bob Gaudio–Preston Truman Boyd. Here’s a sneak peek:

By the end of each performance of “Jersey Boys,” Boyd, the rest of the cast, and the audience share in the drama of four friends “having a dream and seeing it come true.”

The result is a cast that feels like a family and a show that feels fresh, timeless, and eerily familiar without ever being dull — sort of like a family.

“At one point in the show,” Boyd said, “Frankie Valli says, ‘Family is everything.’ We have our family on the road and our families off the road. While we’re away from the people we love, we not only have to deal with but also love the ones we’re with just the same. That message carries through every night from Act One to Act Two.”

Clearly, Boyd himself is living his own dream, as well.

“I’ve always enjoyed performing,” Boyd said. “Whether it was choreographing a dance routine for my sister in the basement or getting a pay check every Thursday night, the main reason I do this is because I really love to perform. It was quite a blessing to find out that I could do this for a living.”

Visit for the full interview.

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