October 1, 2012

Jersey Boys First Natl Tour Terrific at TCU Place in Saskatoon!

October 1st, 2012

Stephanie McKay of The StarPhoenix states that the JERSEY BOYS musical a polished package full of humor and fun! Check out a sneak peak of this rave review:

For those unfamiliar with the history of the group, Jersey Boys offers an interesting look into the past that includes a rocky start, money problems and, most surprisingly, Joe Pesci.

Nick Cosgrove stars as Valli and his voice is the star of the show. The singer’s range is stunning and he’s perfected that falsetto that made Valli famous. It’s great to have the story, but with Cosgrove at the helm the show could get away with doing nothing more than covering these classic songs.

Long-serving Jersey Boys cast member Michael Lomenda is perfectly dry as the oft-outsider Four Seasons member Nick Massi. He delivers some of the best one-liners as the baritone vocalist and sometimes criminal.

John Gardiner lends an almost sinister quality to founding member Tommy DeVito, while somehow still being likable. Miles Jacoby rounds out the foursome. His subtle awkwardness is great for the role of songwriter Bob Gaudio, who never felt comfortable in the spotlight.

As a group, the actors are wonderfully cohesive, even when the band starts to fall apart.

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