October 4, 2012

Jersey Boys Heads to Syracuse Oct. 9-28; Check Out the Great Interview on ‘Frankie Camp’ with Richard Hester!

October 4th, 2012

Post-Standard arts editor Melinda Johnson has a marvelous in-depth interview with Richard Hester, production supervisor for all US and international productions of JERSEY BOYS, who fills her in on Frankie Camp, Frankie University and Frankie Grad School. Below is a short preview:

“It doesn’t matter where we’re training people; 1950s Newark, N.J., is a foreign place to everybody,” says Hester, who was speaking from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Every camper learns from day one about the dress code: no sneakers, jeans, shorts or T-shirts.

“You can’t do this material dressed like that. It won’t translate,” Hester says. “You have to be in shoes, button-down shirt and slacks. It can’t be jeans because your body feels different in it. You hold yourself differently when you’re wearing a suit jacket. . . . It still changes your physicality, and, I think, your feeling toward the material.”

Visit Blog.Syracuse.com to read the entire interview. Great stuff!

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