April 27, 2010

Jersey Boys in Buffalo–It’s Not Just A Musical for Your Parents!

April 27th, 2010

Jersey Boys LogoKristen Becker of Buffalo Rising notes that this is her first published “review,” so for extra support, she brought her mom to the national tour production of JERSEY BOYS in Buffalo. Since the songs were from her mother’s era, Becker was hoping for some additional insight. In an effort to encourage Becker in her new endeavor her mother asked, “No offense honey, but how are you going to review music from before you were born?”

She explained to her mother that while the music was a little before her time, her father made her listen to all the oldies, and even played a little “Name That Tune” in the car on the way to school. Besides, she was there to give her opinion on the production, as the music itself clearly stands on its own.

Becker states that JERSEY BOYS was as if she were watching a REALLY GOOD live version of the VH-1 show, Behind the Music. The four actors in the lead roles nailed the rock show feel with every number. All thirty-three. That’s right, thirty three musical numbers, and a show that spans forty some odd years. The only way to put that much into a show and explore that many years without losing your audience is through meticulous execution. This production is fast paced, so much so that every cast member doubled as a crew member. At every turn set pieces were flying in, scrims were moving, and cast members were wheeling in props. The entire cast should be commended for the teamwork displayed onstage. It’s not as easy as they made it look.

Read Kristen Becker’s full review on BuffaloRising.com.

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