June 19, 2010

Jersey Boys in Indy Offers A Solid Piece of Musical Theatre!

June 19th, 2010

Jersey Boys LogoLou Harry states he wasn’t really aware of The Four Seasons when the musical foursome dominated the charts circa 1962-1965. Although he is an actual Jersey boy and happened to have been born in late December back in ’63, the facts didn’t predispose him to being a fan of the band.

According to Harry, “Jersey Boys” not only delivers the musical goods with impeccable showmanship and style, but it also makes us care about the boys doing the singing. In the able hands of writers Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, troublesome Tommy DeVito (Matt Bailey), pragmatic boy genius Bob Gaudio (Ryan Jesse), cryptic regular guy Nick Massi (Steve Gouveia) and, of course, Frankie Valli (Joseph Leo Bwarie) come across as flawed, talented guys who earn the audience’s interest even when they aren’t telling Dawn to go away or encouraging big girls not to cry.

By offering three-dimensional portraits of guys we never thought we wanted to know, “Jersey Boys” transcends the jukebox musical label to become a solid piece of musical theatre.

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