September 11, 2010

Jersey Boys Is Sensational in San Antonio!

September 11th, 2010

Deborah Martin states that JERSEY BOYS is irresistible in San Antonio! Here’s a preview to her rave review:

It’s a colorful story, no matter who’s telling it, including the mob, jail time, gambling, affairs and all sorts of betrayals within the group and of the women who orbit them.

All of the actors are solid, but a lot of the show hinges on Bwarie, and he delivers. He handles Valli’s trademark vocals well, and he also captures Valli’s development from a kid hanging out at clubs to a man wounded by Tommy’s various betrayals and by the death of his daughter.

The songs aren’t shoehorned into the action, as they would be in a jukebox musical; instead, they’re presented concert-style, with the production values onstage getting bigger and grander as they become bigger stars. It’s a satisfying way to present the music and that approach helps speed the action along.

A lot of the audience responded to the show as if it were a straight concert. The standing ovation started before the lights came up for the curtain call, and most of the crowd stuck around all the way to the last note, some of them dancing along, as if they were waiting for an encore.

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  1. Just saw this show in san antonio a couple hours ago. Sad to admit that I didn’t know who the four seasons were before the show; now my 4 year old (who was NOT at the show) is dancing to december 1963. compelling story, great singing, bwarie was fantastic! if you live in San Antonio you must see this show!

    Comment by Bryan Wallace — September 12, 2010 @ 8:17 pm

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