February 22, 2010

Jersey Boys National Tour Fantastic in Ft. Myers!

February 22nd, 2010

JERSEY BOYS national tour is going strong in Ft. Myers! Here’s an excerpt of Chris Silk’s review:

I’ve never seen the staid crowds in Southwest Florida react this way. “Jersey Boys” knows exactly which emotional buttons to push with the ticket-buying public – and it mashes them, repeatedly, all night long. Even the usual stampede for the exits was delayed for two curtain calls. That, my friends, is success.

Joseph Leo Bwarie belts out Frankie Valli’s tunes as if he were born to sing them. He has style to spare. Ryan Jesse radiates a fresh-faced innocence as Bob Gaudio, the group’s songwriter and keyboardist. Matt Bailey slouches and pouts as determined hardcase Tommy DeVito, while Steve Gouveia offers an understated turn (and comic relief) as Nick Massi. Jonathan Hadley delivers one of the night’s under-rated performances as fey record producer Bob Crewe.

“Jersey Boys” delivers a fantastic night of entertainment…

Visit NaplesNews.com to read Silk’s full review.

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