October 25, 2015

Jersey Boys Natl Tour Ends Kalamazoo Run Today; Check Out Sneak Peeks of Two More Rave Reviews!

October 25th, 2015

More fabulous write-ups about the JERSEY BOYS national tour production at Miller Auditorium!
WKFR.com: Matthew Dailey, who plays Tommy DeVito, around whom a good portion of the first act revolves, balances the drama and humor very well. Keith Hines does well as the stoic Nick Massi. A good baritone/bass,delivering the goods in his spots. Drew Seeley carries his part well. Bob Gaudio was the youngest of the Seasons but also a critical cog as songwriter of so many hit songs.

One thing I don’t want to overlook is the female members of the cast. They are critical. Lauren Tartaglia as Frankie’s first wife, Mary, and Jaycie Dotin are really good.

And then there’s Aaron De Jesus. Wow. Looks like the real Valli and sounds like him, right down to the falsetto. Man can sing. Bravo.

WanderingEducators.com: Here’s a preview to the six reasons you should see JERSEY BOYS on tour: 5. The Staging: You know how you look at a stage before the show, and try to imagine what they’ll do with it? Well, the simple set of stairs and chain link fences morphed into decades of life, both personal and onstage. My favorite part was when the Jersey boys sang to the back of the stage, and our whole audience was lit up, as if we were backstage with them. Genius!

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