February 12, 2015

Jersey Boys Rocks at RBC Theatre in London!

February 12th, 2015

Rave review for JERSEY BOYS in London from James Reaney in St. Thomas Journal:

At its best, Jersey Boys soars like a Frankie Valli high note and talks like a Goodfella.

The touring production of the Tony Award-winning musical is a complex and rewarding take on The Four Seasons saga, with plenty of revved up renditions of the New Jersey hitmakers’ pop smashes to please fans waiting for Rag Doll during all its multi-viewpoint Rashomon.

This admirer thought he knew The Four Seasons. Not so.

It was the songs that are known. The men who sang and created and strutted them are fascinating and much deeper subjects.

The songs are strong. There are terrific blasts from the 1960s such as Sherry and more sophisticated classics from the next decade like Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

On stage, Milandes leads the way with the most demanding vocals in the musical and the most tragic story in the off-stage drama. Hines, Seeley and Dailey make their characters believable. They weave around Valli vocally while trying to elbow each other out of the way when it comes to taking credit for The Four Seasons’ success. That’s true to the backdrop of Rashomon as the musical has an apparent bow to the famous film’s multiple points of view.

Click HERE to read the entire review.

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