June 28, 2013

Jersey Boys Rocks Ottawa!

June 28th, 2013

Patrick Langston of The Ottawa Citizen states that Jersey Boys offers a smart, strong production. Here’s a snapshot of his review:

Refreshingly, that story is also the show’s focal point. Musicals typically make the songs the focus, the storyline a kind of gauzy device to get from one tune to the next. In Jersey Boys, as in the men’s actual life, the music is part of a larger fabric of ambition, rivalries, love and the personal toll that stardom takes.

Jersey Boys really hits its stride when the foursome, resplendent in red jackets, fire up Sherry, followed quickly – with costume changes, stasis being anathema to both the show and this production – by their next two big hits: Big Girls Don’t Cry and Walk Like a Man. Up to that point, it’s the long struggle of a group searching for an identity and a sound of its own.

Click HERE to read the entire review.

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