May 29, 2012

Jersey Boys Surprises College Reviewer!

May 29th, 2012

Although he had admittedly low expectations, reporter Hank Whitson states that JERSEY BOYS provided more than just a few surprises. Check out an excerpt of his review:

Most students may not have heard of Frankie Valli or The Four Seasons, but they have almost certainly heard their music. It came as more than a slight shock to realize all of the songs that have ingrained themselves in American culture were all not just recognizable but from one band.

Jersey Boys also features sometimes spectacular staging, with elaborate cut-ins of video of the original group and innovative placement of the audience making them part of the group rather than the crowd. The story also employs an interesting narrative technique with each group member telling his part of the tale each in different periods (seasons) of the band’s career, allowing audiences to understand each of the members, their talents and personalities.

Jersey Boys never takes on the pretense of drama or art, but simply tells the story of how some of the greatest American music was made – and that makes it not just a worthwhile see, but great fun as well.

Click HERE to read the full review.

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