April 29, 2009

Orlando Native Michelle Knight Now a Jersey Girl

April 29th, 2009

Michelle Knight (Michelle Knight [Photo by Joan Marcus])

OrlandoSentinel.com’s Elizabeth Maupin has a terrific interview with Michelle Knight, an Orlando native who has come home with the JERSEY BOYS national tour. Since being with the show, Michelle has played Frankie Valli’s girlfriend, his wife and his daughter.

She and the other two women in the show also play nurses, waitresses, dancing girls and French rappers. They change their costumes in 30 seconds, more than a dozen times a show.

“There’s really not a lot of rest time,” she says.

Knight talks about her early interest in opera, followed by being a theater major at UCF, her stage career following college, and her experiences as a JERSEY BOYS cast member in the national tour, on Broadway, and in Las Vegas.

A couple of weeks ago, in Las Vegas, the usual swing was out and another actress was ill. Knight and the one remaining actress had to do the show as a “two-girl version” — “the fastest show I ever did.”

Visit OrlandoSentinel.com for Michelle’s full story.


  1. I was there for that show! Talk about hustle! WOW! If I hadn’t already seen the show, you wouldn’t have known they were one girl down. Bravo!

    Comment by Melissa — April 29, 2009 @ 3:50 am

  2. Michelle’s a stunning actress and I just love this particular photo of her. The Orlando Sentinel gave her a great write-up and that should generate even more ticket sales for the Orlando gig. I really enjoyed reading about her early days and her journey to Jersey Boys and finally to Broadway where she belongs. I just love her response in the Sentinel in reference to the guy that got her into theater, “The boy didn’t stick but the career did!” So funny. She’s a fine contribution to musical theater and she will no doubt enjoy a very long career.

    Comment by Gary — April 29, 2009 @ 8:15 pm

  3. Michelle Knight went to my school!!

    Comment by Jenn — May 19, 2009 @ 3:57 pm

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