February 27, 2012

Preview of JB Tour 2′s ‘Tommy DeVito’ Colby Foytik’s Interview with The Saratogian!

February 27th, 2012

On Tuesday, the smash Broadway hit JERSEY BOYS will arrive at Proctors Theatre for a three-week run. Bob Goepfert has a terrific interview with JB 2nd national tour’s Tommy DeVito, Colby Foytik! Below is a short preview:

Foytik plays Tommy DeVito, the man who formed The Four Seasons and recruited Valli to be its lead singer.

The actor spent 10 months with the show in Las Vegas.

“It’s probably the same in every city, but in Vegas it was noticeable to see a man come in with his wife or girlfriend and know it (seeing the show) was an obligation. There was little doubt he’d rather have been playing poker, blackjack or craps. But without fail, after a couple of numbers you would see his head bobbing and a big smile come across his face. I swear those guys had a better time than their wives.”

Visit Saratogian.com to read the full interview with Colby Foytik.

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