April 25, 2012

Preview of Jersey Boys London’s ‘Bob Gaudio’–Matt Wycliffe’s Latest Interview!

April 25th, 2012

Matt Wycliffe is currently starring as Bob Gaudio in JERSEY BOYS at the Prince Edward Theatre. Below is a sneak peek of his latest interview:

Regarding JERSEY BOYS, Matt stated, “It’s such a good script, such a fascinating (true) story and Bob is such a great part, there’s so much to it and playing a real person is always interesting.”

You are currently performing as Bob Gaudio in Jersey Boys, can you describe your character and how he ‘fits in’ with the group?
Bob is the youngest but is the brains and the songwriter of the group. When he joined he saw the potential in the band and really focused it into something that would be successful. He’s very close to Frankie and they have an incredible trust between them, which kind of opposes his relationship with Tommy Devito. Tommy allowed Bob into the group but finds himself being usurped as leader as they mature. Bob has a great journey in the play, you really see him grow from a driven teenager to a successful, confident man.

Click HERE to read the full interview with Matt.

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