July 30, 2015

Preview of @QuinnVanAnwerp’s @BroadwayBox Five Burning Questions!

July 30th, 2015

Quinn VanAntwerp
Quinn VanAntwerp
Fun Q&A recently posted on Broadway Box with Quinn VanAntwerp!

Broadway Box: You been playing this part for years; it must seep into your sleep. What’s your recurring Jersey Boys nightmare?
Quinn VanAntwerp: To me, the biggest fear of mine is getting my microphone in my hair. Frankie and I don’t leave the stage enough to change out our mics if there were ever a problem, so we wear these double mic packs and it’s this big wire that has to go up through your hair. In the early years, it was just the bane of my existence. So I have this recurring dream where I’m up in my dressing room and I hear my music, and I can’t get my microphone in my hair and get downstairs.

Click HERE to read the the rest of Quinn’s Q&A!

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