May 15, 2015

Return of Jersey Boys WOWs Windy City! JB Natl Tour Plays Chicago through 5/24!

May 15th, 2015

Great reviews are popping up for the JB national tour in Chicago (playing at the Chicago Palace Theatre through 5/24)! Check out sneak peeks below: People of New Jersey should demand that Frankie Valli be made a Saint. Hayden Milanes as Frankie Valli is tremendous in the role, the casting should be applauded for all the characters.

This is a fabulous show and if you want to see, it you’re limited to only about a week of this event being in Chicago.

Matthew Dailey as Tommy DeVito, a catalyst and a rat, Keith Hines as Nick Massi, strong and tolerant, Drew Seeley as Bob Gaudio, gifted and smart, along with Hayden Milanes as Frankie Valli brings life and drama to this tale from Jersey. People who would like this show are people who like deadpan bass players, overdramatic producers, awesome music, and short shorts. I had a lot of fun at this show. It was crazy, awesome, and I enjoyed the story of it a lot. **This review is from a 10-year-old…fascinating! Fleet and darkly handsome, with a voice that uncannily channels Valli’s, and sleek dance moves (including some rubbery splits), Milanes is a terrific leading man in a marathon role that also requires the actor to grow up before your eyes and run the gamut of emotions.

Quality control on this show, with its fluid direction by Des McAnuff, and winning choreography by Sergio Trujillo, has remained exceedingly tight over over the years. The storytelling is clear, the voices are sensational, and a small but mighty orchestra, under music director Ben Hartman, is first-rate. And by the end of the show’s rousing “reunion” number, “Who Loves You?,” it’s very clear that the audience has once again embraced those Jersey Boys.

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