March 26, 2006

The Times of Our Lives–Jersey Boys Photo Gallery Update

March 26th, 2006

It’s time for another update from the Tech-half of Jersey Boys Blog:

Remember those old Polaroid commercials with that “Times of Your Lives” jingle starring James Garner and Marriott Hartley? Everybody loved them and they sold a lot of cameras and a lot of film. In my household, it usually went something like this:

You have to understand that we would never have had a Polaroid except someone had given it to my grandfather as a Christmas present seeking to gain political favors later in the future. My mother would yell, “Get the camera!” That meant the designated cameraman, myself, since I was the only one to read the manual, had to get the Polaroid Land Camera, the box of film, and the flash bulbs out of the buffet. This typically happened after a holiday feast with everyone trying to stay awake in the cigar smoke-filled living room of my grandparents. What the commercials never mentioned was that the Polaroid worked like a toaster. After your subject was in focus, you had to guess at the light setting, Lighter? Darker? This meant you always had to take at least three photos to get a keeper. The first was either too dark or too light. The second was the opposite of the first and finally the third was just right if you were lucky. These were the times of our lives. So you see, the real genius of the Polaroid was not the instant photo as everyone thought, but the lame-ass light setting designed by the marketing department, that generated twice the amount of film sales as would otherwise have been necessary.

Well, how does this relate to Jersey Boys, you’re wondering? I am hoping that my little anecdote was amusing enough to entice you into submitting more photos to the Jersey Boys Photo Gallery. These are the times of the your lives–seeing the runaway hit Jersey Boys–and if you have any photos, we would all love to see them. After all, what are photos for if not to be shared and viewed by others? Trust me, they are just taking space on your camera’s memory card and not doing anyone any good. So, upload them today and go to another show and take some more! If you want to send us your photos for upload, you can email them to [email protected] with appropriate title and description information, and we will upload them to the gallery for you.

Until my next update, “Walk like a man!”

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