August 12, 2011

Jersey Boys–A Story about Brotherhood

August 12th, 2011

JB Natl Tour Columbus
The JERSEY BOYS first national tour Four Seasons: Steve Gouveia, Joseph Leo Bwarie, Quinn VanAntwerp, and Matt Bailey (Photo Credit: Joan Marcus)

With the JERSEY BOYS first national tour production opening on Wednesday, August 17 at the Ohio Theatre, Columbus journalists are posting some highly interesting previews today! Check out what Quinn VanAntwerp said about the hit show to reporter Heather Gross:

Guys, no complaining when your significant other asks you to go to the latest Broadway musical to hit Columbus. “Jersey Boys” is a man’s man’s kind of show.

“It’s like a Scorsese film or ‘The Sopranos.’ It’s also a story about brotherhood,” said Quinn VanAntwerp, who plays Bob Gaudio, one of the show’s four main characters. “Big, handle-bar-mustached men will stand up in the front row and scream like their team just won the Super Bowl.”

“What’s fun about ‘Jersey Boys’ is that you know Frankie Valli. You know that voice very well. You don’t know Nick or Tommy, or especially Bobby,” said VanAntwerp, pointing out that Gaudio, the group’s chief songwriter, has produced music for Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond and Michael Jackson.

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