October 26, 2007

Jersey Boys Are Big Men In Town In Chicago!

October 26th, 2007

Jersey Boys has EXPLODED in the Windy City! Here’s a roundup of the latest reviews:

JSOnline.com:Rather than conjure up a fluffy bit of fiction to connect the songs (“Mamma Mia”) or dramatize the individual hits through dance and a thin thread of fabricated plot (“Movin’ Out”) “Jersey Boys” uses the rough-edged, mean-streets real lives of the original Four Seasons to tell a compelling story. Shrewd and sharp writing from Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, and Des McAnuff’s savvy direction get great mileage out of the factual material.

TalkinBroadway.com: Jersey Boys is a uniquely manly musical and for once, the husbands in the audience didn’t seem to mind being there. That’s not to say it’s likely to become an occasion for boys nights out any time soon, but the “guy appeal” may be enough to keep the boys running in Chicago for a long time.

UR ChicagoOnline.com:
Jarrod Spector as Frankie Valli is exceptional. His likeness to his namesake in both physical stature and falsetto crooning is pitch perfect. The rest of the heavily male-dominated cast delivers solid performances, while the three female cast members play an impressive 11 to 17 roles each. No roles for the slow-footed as the performers are in perpetual motion, changing sets, costumes and characters faster than you can say “Bye Bye Baby.”

Chicagoist.com: Jersey Boys is a greatest-hits tour through the successes and hardships of The Four Seasons. The show is a big and beautiful example of all the glitz and glamour that Broadway cooks up these days.

Illinois Entertainer.com:
Jarrod Spector easily tackles Valli’s vocal calisthenics and goes one step further capturing Valli’s heart and inexhaustible drive. More than just mimicking and reaching Valli’s ridiculously high notes, Spector embodies Valli so much that where his voice begins and Valli’s ends remains murky. Jeremy Kushnier, sounding similar to UB40’s Ali Campbell, plays wise-guy Tommy DeVito with doomed likeability, Michael Ingersoll plays uptight Nick Massi, and Drew Gehling is guilelessly wide-eyed as Valli’s closest ally and songwriter Bob Gaudio.

Visit the Jersey Boys Reviews page for a full list of review links for all cities.

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