December 18, 2008

Jersey Boys in Denver–Irresistible!

December 18th, 2008

Theater critic Mark Collins of Daily Camera begins his review of the Denver production of the Jersey Boys national tour by reflecting on his childhood. Collins states, “Thirty-five years or so ago, whenever the family was driving somewhere in the car, my sister would plead with my Dad, “Sing ‘Sherry baby,’ sing ‘Sherry baby.’” Sometimes he’d oblige, and crack us up by crooning the high part on the chorus of the 1962 hit ‘Sherry.’”

According to Collins, if you like irresistible musicals delivered with a strong backbeat, have the means (top ticket price for the show is $130), but miss the national Broadway tour of “Jersey Boys” at the Buell, shame on you.

The story of how this group of gifted goodfellas came together, made pop music history, then broke apart is a guaranteed good time.

The cast in the touring show is excellent. Most of all, though, “Jersey Boys” doesn’t work without a good Valli, and Joseph Leo Bwarie’s stratospheric vocal chops are remarkable. That includes during a darkly pleading “Beggin’,” a tender “My Mother’s Eyes,” and, though not as good as my dad’s version, the chorus of “Sherry.”

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