June 23, 2008

Names at Four Seasons Street Naming on Wednesday

June 23rd, 2008

What would a street naming be without names, so here is an update as to some of the people who will be on the podium this Wednesday for the “Four Seasons Lane” dedication? Danielle and her sister, Lisa Gaudio will be joining Toni Valli and Darcel DeVito on stage after introductions by Charles Alexander- each one conveying personal messages and sentiments from their fathers.

Tom Austin, co-writer with Bob Gaudio of “Shorts-Shorts” will tell a few stories to those gathering that day. Walt Gollender, who has worked tirelessly on the event and has provided the now famous, unique photos of the Four Seasons business, will share his first-hand experience regarding the Four Lovers. Audrey Rockman, the last piece of the puzzle of the three people organizing the day’s event will speak about the Four Seasons Bus Tours, the result of countless hours of research…nope, it didn’t spring to life fully formed, the day the idea came to her.

Two people also coming in for the historic day and representing the Four Seasons Play and Recreation Center will be Frank Delle Donne, whose family built and owned the establishment from 1958 till its sale to Costco in 1988, during which time Frank was manager; and 30 year manager, Joe LaGregor, who was the one who contacted the group on behalf of Mark Anzalone and gave the news that Mark was looking for relaxing ‘living room’ music back in 1961.

Providing the welcoming remarks and presenting the Proclamation to each Four Seasons family member, will be the following representatives from the Township of Union: Mayor, Clifton People, Jr.; Deputy Mayor, Anthony Terrezza; Committeepersons, Brenda Restivo, Peter Capodice and Joseph Florio; and Township of Union Administrator, Frank Bradley.

James Petrecca of Yesterday’s Treasures, who will be introduced that day by our own JB Blog Correspondent Howard Tucker, has been (and will be!!) coordinating the event which will take place at Costco’s located at 1055 Hudson Street, Union, NJ 07083, 908-810-1458. Costco Associate, Jim Keating, will be representing Costco Manager, Dennis Dingivan, who has done so much to make this program possible.

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