February 19, 2012

Preview of Joseph Leo Bwarie’s Interview with Charlotte Magazine!

February 19th, 2012

Joseph Leo Bwarie
Joseph Leo Bwarie (Photo by: Joan Marcus)

The JERSEY BOYS first national tour returns to Charlotte, North Carolina from Feb. 22-March 11! Check out a preview of Joseph Leo Bwarie’s interview with Charlotte Magazine’s Page Leggett!

Bwarie says the Frankie Valli story still endures today because it’s “necessary.” He said, “It resonates with every age group. Young people learn from it. And it takes Boomers back to the where they grew up. It’s a piece of Americana.”

“We’re all captured by celebrity,” he continued. “If we weren’t, there wouldn’t be forty-five shows on now about finding the next big singer. But what Jersey Boys says is that talent will always rise to the top, even when it’s found on a street corner.”

“These guys were real,” he said. “They sang, they played their own instruments, they wrote their own music. They literally pressed ‘record’ and sang. It was raw, and it was good. People felt it then, and audiences still feel it now.”

Visit CharlotteMagazine.com to read the full interview.

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