February 13, 2011

Preview of Zack Calhoon’s Interview with JB Broadway’s Lorraine, Jessica Rush!

February 13th, 2011

Jessica RushOn his Visible Soul blog, Zack Calhoon has a great interview with JB Broadway’s Lorraine, Jessica Rush, who talks about her beginnings and influences in theatre, playing in JERSEY BOYS, and her other projects. Check out the preview:

Q: Tell me what it’s like to work on JERSEY BOYS. I remember you mentioning that you had figured out that you have some unbelievable number of costume changes per week. What do you love most about doing this show?

A: JERSEY BOYS is great! I’ve been there, playing Lorraine (as well as many others), since August 2010. It is a really wonderful company, full of people with families and LOTS of guys. There are only four of us women in the company, so we are definitely outnumbered. It’s awesome to have lots of surrogate brothers. I also have 18 costume and wig changes…11 in act one alone, so life there is never boring!

Click HERE to read the entire interview with Jessica.

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