July 16, 2011

Rick Faugno’s New Starring Role–As Robin Leach’s Guest Columnist!

July 16th, 2011

Rick Faugno Virgin Alexander
Photo Credit: Virgin Alexander Facebook

It’s been quite a ride for JERSEY BOYS Vegas’ Frankie Valli–Rick Faugno! Not only has he starred in JB Vegas since Day One, but he is starring in his new one-man show, and is starring in Virgin Alexander, a new film that will have a screening tomorrow at the Las Vegas Film Festival!

In addition to all of this, Rick has another starring role–as yesterday’s guest columnist for Robin Leach! Here’s a preview of Rick’s column:

Hello, faithful readers! No, this is not your ubiquitous columnist, Robin Leach, but an understudy: a standby waiting for his big chance to write for a major column. I’m Rick Faugno, aka Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys at the Palazzo, and while Mr. Leach is off frolicking on a beach somewhere, I’m here to tell you about some summer happenings in this great town of ours, Las Vegas.

Today through Sunday, the Las Vegas Film Festival is back at the Las Vegas Hilton, and guess what? I’m starring in one of the films! You read that right, my movie, Virgin Alexander, has its Las Vegas premiere Sunday at noon.

I play Alexander, a 26-year-old scrap hauler who is getting evicted. In a last-ditch effort to save my house from the bank, I turn it into a brothel — even though I’ve never had sex before! That’s right, I play the virgin.

While it was a departure from the role of Valli, a man quite popular with women, making this movie was a very fulfilling artistic experience, even though I didn’t get to have that steamy love scene. Well, maybe next time. I was playing a virgin, so what could I expect?! All kidding aside, it’s a great film with a wonderful cast.

Visit LasVegasSun.com to read the whole story.

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