December 25, 2005

Jersey Boys’ John Lloyd Young’s Performance Among EW’s Most Memorable Moments of 2005!

December 25th, 2005

In his Broadway debut playing Frankie Valli in this season’s hit musical Jersey Boys, Entertainment Weekly has named John Lloyd Young’s performance among 2005’s most memorable moments. Here’s what was said in EW’s year-end double issue:

    John Lloyd Young vividly remembers his first Frankie Valli moment. “As a kid, I saw a commercial for this Time Life compilation that had him singing ‘Sherry,’ and that always resonated with me. I don’t know why I hung on to that; I wonder if I somehow knew we’d be connected later on in life.” Or maybe it wasn’t so much a premonition as the fact that it could be traumatizing for a growing boy to see a guy who “Walk(s) Like a Man” sing like a castrato. Now, starring as Valli in Broadway’s smash Four Seasons bio-musical Jersey Boys, Young brings down the house as he raises his voice each night. Think it’s painful hitting those high notes? Nope: freeing. “If you’re feeling well and haven’t destroyed yourself with drinking, the falsetto is actually easier to sing than that high chest voice you hear in rock singing. Once you open up, you’re capable of amazing things.”

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