Jersey Boys Natl Tour Cast

Jersey Boys National Tour Cast
Christopher Kale Jones Frankie Valli
Erich Bergen Bob Gaudio
Deven May Tommy DeVito
Michael Ingersoll Nick Massi
John Altieri Bob Crewe and others
Joseph Siravo Gyp DeCarlo and others
Miles Aubrey Norm Waxman and others
Erik Bates Swing/Dance & Fight Captain
Sandra Denise Lorraine and others
Jennifer Evans Swing
Rick Faugno Joey and others
Eric Gutman Hank Majewski and others
Nathan Klau Ralph Knuckles and others
Brandon Mattheius Barry Belson and others
Jackie Seiden Mary Delgado and others
Jarrod Spector Alternate Frankie Valli
Taylor Sternberg Swing
Melissa Strom Francine and others