March 7, 2015

Blogger Blown Away by Jersey Boys in Bloomington!

March 7th, 2015

“The Wonder of It All” blogger Emily was completely blown away by JB in Bloomington. Check out a sneak peek of her review:

As Frankie, Hayden Milanes brings to life a boy who becomes a man before your eyes. Milanes’ Valli is eager and passionate, but not afraid to stand up for what he wants when everything is on the line. And, when push comes to shove, he doesn’t leave a friend out in the cold (even when he has every right). On top of that, Milanes is a pitch-perfect Valli, from low note to high. I cannot even imagine what it takes to do this show six times a week, but he makes it look effortless. Every bit the showman and performer, Milanes shines during the numbers directed straight to the audience and the Four Seasons rise to fame.

Tommaso Antico was Bobby for our show. While he doesn’t have top billing in the role, it will be hard for me to see anyone else as Bobby. Antico may have the best look and voice I have seen in the part in all my viewings. Young and innocent, but determined to make something of himself and not fall back on trade school, Antico used his night at Bobby to perfection and raised the whole cast to a new level. Matthew Dailey as Tommy and Keith Hines as Nick round out the main characters. Tommy is the storyteller and, hand to God, he does it right. You know he’s an unreliable narrator from the beginning, but that just adds to his charm. Nick is the glue that holds the group together in so many ways. But Hines’ spectacular breakdown is one of the highlights of the show!

Click HERE to read the entire rave review.

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